Treasure Hunters

Book Review: Treasure Hunters

This is my “whittle it down and give me the meat” perspective on the books I’ve read.

The Catch is I’m only giving you a one sentence description for each field.

My purpose is to help other kids like me. I used to dread reading time.  Finding great books to explore other worlds that interested me changed my feelings towards reading time.

The Reward is multi-leveled:

  • There’s A.R. recess (and that’s fun)
  • Feeling like there was no way I could finish such a huge book ever much less in the time my teacher said I should! (but then I did)
  • Knowing that there’s always another book waiting for me (whenever I’m ready for it)!
  • Sharing a book I liked with a friend
  • Comparing a book with it’s movie and knowing what’s different

Treasure Hunters

Title: Treasure Hunters (Book One)

Author: James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein

A.R. Points: 6

Pages: 451

Who: The main characters in this book are Bick, Beck, Storm and Thomas.

What: This book is about four kid treasure hunters trying to find their kidnapped parents!

When: 21st century

Where: Cayman Islands, New York and North Carolina.

Why: To find their mom and dad or at least clues.

How: All by boat.

Page Turner Score: Sustained intrest

Font Size Matters: Easy to read

Is There a Movie: No

Total Score: 5-star

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