Loudoun Hill

Family History

It was a long day of driving to get from Geocrab in the Hebrides to East Ayrshire, Scotland. I slept in the car for most of the drive (6 hours plus stops) but we made a special stop just for me! We stopped at the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which any Harry Potter fan is sure to recognize! We were even lucky enough to see the (Harry Potter) train cross the bridge! After we got back into the car to continue our drive we caught up with the train and even raced it for a minute!

We arrived at our Airbnb in Galston, a suburb of Glasgow, after dinner time. The house had a Wii (my favorite) which was a nice surprise. It also had a garden (backyard) to play football (soccer) and to play my brothers bagpipes. We still found it hard to find food but we managed. For some reason restaurants all seemed to be closed when we found ourselves hungry.

We walked around Newmilns to explore the town where my great grandfather on my moms side of the family was born. In fact, my dad was able to trace her side of the family to the area from the 1500s! We tried to do some research in the public library then wandered around trying to find the house where my great grandfather was born. Between construction and incomplete information we didn’t find the specific house but did explore most of the town. We walked along a small river that ran through the town where my mom scattered some of her dad’s ashes.

A short drive from Newmilns is Loudoun Hill, the tallest point in East Ayrshire. It was the scene to two separate battles for Scottish independence. William Wallace and Robert The Bruce both fought the English on the very land we explored! We hiked up the really steep side of the hill only to find a easy path on our way down. From the top you could see as far as the eye could see in all directions but it was super windy!

We also searched an old a local cemetery for the family names we found doing our ancestry research. We found one “Morton” but didn’t know for sure if the person was related.

If you didn’t know I love cities!! We had a long nice walk all around Glasgow!! We wandered around looking for a football stadium and found ourselves on the poor side of town by accident. It was interesting to see how people really lived. After lunch we found a nice shopping district which is were I bought a local soccer jersey and goalie jersey. Jerseys from the same Glasgow team (The Celtic Football Club) we got lost trying to find their stadium earlier in the day. Glasgow was so fun I would want to go there again would you?

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