Callanish Standing Stones


The night before we left Skye it felt like we went to bed early because it was still light out. In reality it was after 10 PM. We had to wake up very early, 4 AM, to catch a ferry to Tarbert on the isle of Lewis and Harris. I could barely stay awake on the drive to the ferry. Once we got on the boat mom and Gavin found a quiet place to take a nap. Dad and I walked around the boat a few times then stood outside to see if we could spot any whales. We didn’t. We started to get hungry so found ourselves at the cafeteria. We shared a traditional Ulster fry breakfast. It was eggs, sausage, black pudding, “bacon”, and soda bread. We tried some type of banana milk drink. It was really really good!

As soon as we got to Tarbert we drove to our next Airbnb in Geocrab (pronounced go-crab). We were surprised at the landscape. It looked like a different planet. It was very rocky with no trees to be seen anywhere. After we explored the house, mom and Gavin took another nap and dad and I explored the area around the house. There were sheep everywhere! We chased a few of them but they were surprisingly fast! One even did parkour off of small cliff to get away from us.

Gavin and I watched a movie while mom and dad slept. Once we were all rested we drove up the coast to the Callanish Standing Stones. Dad did some timelapses and trick shots with his camera. There was almost no one else around which was cool. I went around and touched every one of the stones which are over 4,000 years old. That means they were placed there more than TWO THOUSAND years before Jesus was born!

We continued up the coast to Dun Carloway Broch which they estimate was built in the 1st century AD. Despite it’s age I was able to climb all around and through it. Dad climbed through tiny hallways and up stairs to the top. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to live in a house like this!

Only a few minutes away we stopped to see the Gearrannan Blackhouse village. It was shocking to see how people used to live in this restored village. We practiced speaking Gaelic with the gift store worker.

We wanted to drive up to the Butt of Lewis, that name is funny, but we decided it was too far to drive and we were still kind of tired. We decided to drive to Stornaway, the largest town in the Hebrides, to get a proper dinner. Finding restaurants to eat at was harder than we all expected. Eating a good meal sounded better than driving an extra hour (each way) to see the lighthouse. It would have been cool to say I went to the northern most part but oh well.

The next morning we walked to get breakfast at the Skoon Art cafe. Luckily it was only one house away! There were paintings everywhere. The owner was an artist who painted all local landscapes. I really liked their food because it was basically brownies and ice cream. For breakfast! I think mom and dad were less happy about that. They wanted real food but I was happy with their menu.

After eating we drove a short 30 minute drive to Luskentyre beach. We counted all of the sheep we saw on the way. They were truly everywhere including the middle of the road! When I first saw the water I couldn’t believe the bright blue turquoise color! It was low tide so we got to take our shoes and socks off and run towards the water. The sand was like quicksand and Gavin lost his shoe. We got back in the car to explore more and found the real Luskentyre beach. It was so cool to see the color of the water with mountains in the background. Gavin and I ran all over the beach while mom and dad relaxed. There were only a few other people there so it felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves. Dad and I eventually went to explore the tide pools. We saw lots of little starfish, a huge one and a few crabs. I loved that beach and wish I could go back!

As much fun as it was to explore one of the most remote areas of the world that I’ve ever been, we were about to head back to the mainland the next day. Time to get some sleep.

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