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My Soccer Life

Sooooo sorry I have not done any blogs in 3 months but let’s get to the story which is about my life in soccer. A sport I play that I love and have been playing for 8 years or so. I am 11 now and in U12. I’m a goalie now but I’ve played all positions at one time or another.

Total goals: Too many to count but as goalie 2!

Total medals:3

Total awards:8

Total teams:16!

For the past two seasons I felt like my teammates were my neighbors. Two seasons ago we took 2nd place. Unfortunately I missed the tournament because I was in Scotland. The game came down to a shootout and we lost on the last shot. I feel like if I was there I would have been able to save it. I still feel a little guilty for not being there.

This past season we took 3rd place. We had a great regular season and only lost once (to the only undefeated team). We actually beat the team that beat us in the tournament twice during the season. We managed to win most games by three or more goals. I don’t know what happened in the playoffs. I think our team just got full of ourselves.

As I get older games and seasons are becoming more competitive. I almost miss games when I was younger and it was more about the fun!

And That’s My Blog!!

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