‘Norn Iron’

The ferry ride to Northern Ireland was fun in a way but mom feel asleep. Dad, Gavin, and I walked around they ship. My dad embarrassed me and my brother about all of the girls from a different country. We ate some good food but not enough to fill us. It boat very crowded.

When we got there we went to look around a big maritime festival and we joined in the fun!! And we took a peek at a mall that was near by and saw some old boats.

We stayed at a penthouse apartment and had a view of the whole city. We could see Samson and Goliath (The Harland and Wolff cranes owned by the company that made the Titanic) AND the acting studio for Game of Thrones!

The Titanic Museum was awesome and was history itself right in front of me. I liked seeing things that where on the ship! Just out side the museum there was another festival with cars that looked like the one from “Back to the Future” and I got a picture with one of them! The best part was the Titanic Pump House and dry dock! The dry dock was so cool and got a picture were people that helped make the titanic took a picture 100 years ago!!

The black taxi ride was fun and full of the history of Northern Ireland! Before the tour started the driver told me I had to change my clothes. The tour went into both neighborhoods and I was wore a Catholic soccer team’s jersey. I could go in the Catholic neighborhoods but not protestant ones. I changed into something neutral so I didn’t cause a fight. The murals all over Northern Ireland were so cool. The city was split into two. The Catholics and Protestants hate each other and will through molotov cocktail at each other (which is a bomb that spreads fire). They would fight over their leader… England or Ireland. They still have protests and fights. They have a 40 foot wall with barbwire on top and you can put your name on it like graffiti.

Driving to Londonderry was emotional because there was a shooting called Bloody Sunday. My dads side of the family is originally from there and my ancestors had a play in the whole thing.

The Giants Causeway was really cool. Some say it was formed by a volcano some say by a giant (hence it’s name). There was a castle that was made for his love (his niece). She liked reading so he made a library for her. Now its all in ruins! You probably know the Dark Hedges (featured in many movies and TV shows including Game of Thrones). It was cool but crowded and my dad edited them out with computer magic.

After two great weeks in the U.K., we flew home from Belfast. It was a great vacation and I cannot wait to travel again!

P.S. Sorry for not posting in a while, my family and I are busy. 🙁

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