Cliffs of Kilmuir

Skye’s the Limit

On the way to our Airbnb we saw a river and had soooo much fun throwing rocks into it. I also got to wonder by myself upstream. There were snow capped mountains in the distance and the water was freezing!

The house we stayed at was so pretty. It was bright and modern inside even though the outside didn’t look like much. It was weird how long it stayed light too. My dad said the sun didn’t fully set until after midnight! We started taking a walk to a local black sand beach after 9:00 p.m. because we didn’t realize how late it was! From there we could see the Outer Hebrides island, where we would be heading in a few days.

We hiked all over Skye and it was hard to find a spot with a less than spectacular view. There were sheep EVERYWHERE and we loved it! We were lucky enough to be there in the spring because there were baby lambs all over. We even got some wool from the side of the road.

We stopped at a small beach and I got to explore the tide pools and throw more rocks into the North Sea. It was so much fun until I slipped on a wet rock and really hurt my wrist. My mom and dad were worried that I might have broken it. It bothered me for a long time after but it didn’t stop me from having fun on the rest of our vacation.

The Fairy Pools were created from a mountain runoff river. There were so many waterfalls and at the bottom of each were crystal clear pools of pretty but freezing water. Me and my dad jumped into one of the deeper pools just to say we did it. As soon as I jumped I felt some regret but I’m still glad I did it. When I hit the water I was in shock for a few seconds.

Overall I loved Skye and I could live there!

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