Wallace Monument
The view of Stirling from the Wallace Monument

Stirling and Beyond


Linlithgow Palace & St. Michael’s Parish Church is real cool because you could walk around the court yard. The cool part is that there was no roof because the roof was made out of wood and collapsed over time. All that is left now are the rooms and the halls. The church was beautiful.

(William) Wallace Monument is the monument for who… you got it William Wallace. It has tiny stairs to 3 floors 1st on how high the building is and some history on Stirling the 2nd floor has what claims to be William’s sword! The top floor is the site seeing for all of Stirling! At the gift shop I also got my favorite thing I went home with me the Mini twin ball flail!

Stirling Castle is a great first castle to go to for kids and adults. It looks like what it would if I was the king long ago. There are people that dress like they would and tell you interesting facts and they where real interesting! did you know that the jester was like a spy for the king!

Coylumbridge is a place that we did not spend a lot of time at we were sleepy and did not know how things worked like the mane thing FOOD! But on the bright side in the morning we got to go swimming… in SCOTLAND! That was a plus!

As much that Scotland and northern Ireland’s weather was out standing I want feel their real deal weather!

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