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The Best Part of Traveling

There are many benefits to traveling  and it’s different for everyone.  For me the best parts are experiencing different scenery, the food, the cultures, the history and maybe even spending time with my family.

I’m looking forward to seeing Scotland’s green rolling hills, beaches (yes they they have beaches), and it’s city’s. I have also been lucky to experience the deserts of Arizona, the tropical beaches of Jamaica and Grand Cayman, and the swamps of Florida to name a few.

I like to try new things such as frog leg’s, snail, octopus, squid, and even an occasional cactus. I like to eat thing’s that have unusual and unique tastes. I’m really looking forward to having authentic haggis, blood sausage, and Irn Bru ( Scotland’s second national drink).

Montezuma Castle ArizonaI am very interested in learning about Scottish culture because it is part of my heritage. My great grandfather was born just south of Glasgow. I’ve seen poverty in Jamaica, ancient rock caves in Arizona, and the island life of the Florid keys.

Experiencing different cultural brings history alive. Words in a book become real people and places. I’v been to historic battle fields, old plantations, and ancient ruins.

The more places I go the more I realize how big the world actually is! It’s my goal to experience all of it!

Were would you like to travel?

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  • I’m obviously looking forward to visiting Scotland and Northern Ireland but I’m already thinking about our next experience. I really want to see Iceland and all of its natural beauty.

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