Kilmuir Scotland

The Highlands

From what we saw of Inverness, it was really cool. The city was in one long valley with a river running through the the middle. We went there for breakfast but wound up eating at a mall because we couldn’t find anything else open. After we finished eating, Dad, Gavin and I walked around the mall and found a “American Candy” store (half of the candy I’ve never seen in my life). Mom stat and enjoyed her coffee in peace and quiet.

Loch Ness was beautiful but it rained a little. Despite that it was still pretty and very LONG! We stopped at Urquhart Castle and had awesome view of Loch Ness! We looked for Nessy but no luck!

The highlands were awesome and the mountains were just amazing! There were snow capped mountains and waterfalls everywhere we looked. The roads were narrow and the mountains were on both sites of us! Just wow!

Eilean Donan Castle is the most photographed castle in Scotland. The outside was really cool and we had walk across a bridge just to get to it. Note to self, don’t spit into the wind (sorry for whoever it landed on)! The inside was modern compared to most of the others we saw so we walked through it pretty quickly.

I can say Skye had the best country side of the whole trip!! On our way to our house on Skye we stopped by a fast moving river on the side of the road. We climbed upstream along the shore and threw the heaviest rocks we could lift as far into the river as possible. We also caught tad poles in shallow ponds next to the river. It was a great unexpected stop! Once we got to our house dad and I went for a walk to explore while mom and Gavin rested. Later that night we all went on a mile or so walk to a black sand beach at 9:30 p.m. and meant to stay for the sunset. At 11:00 the sun still wasn’t full down yet because we were so far north!! The sun came back up again sometime around 3:30 a.m. but I was too tired to notice.

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